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Fraser Commercial – New agency enters Manchester commercial property arena

More advertising for Fraser Commercial. Hey it all helps!


Manchester property agent Simon Fraser has launched his own agency, Fraser Commercial.

Formerly an associate partner at WT Gunson, Mr Fraser worked in the office, industrial and retail sectors, as well as looking after investments, rent reviews, lease renewals, and property management.

He is joined at Fraser Commercial by Thomas Reeves and Victoria Jung. Mr Reeves specialises in property management and business development while Ms Jung handles the practical aspects of the business including property reports, marketing campaigns and website management.

The company, based in Centurion House on Deansgate, will focus on the Greater Manchester area, specialising in agency and acquisition work.

Mr Fraser said: “We aim to provide a bespoke service to a limited number of clients so that the client’s experience will be very hands-on and direct. We will bring a personal approach to every aspect of work with clients.“

He has always wanted to launch his own company and, having seen the recent improvement in the commercial property market in the North West in particular, feels now is the right time.

He added: “The market is improving and there’s a lot more confidence around. It seems that the financial markets have unlocked and that’s brought a lot more enquiries from people looking to buy, rather than those who could only lease due to the limited funding available.

“The lower end of the market is particularly buoyant, while the top end of the market still seems to be struggling a little but there’s a lot more confidence and there’s generally more activity.

“Over the past few years land sales have been struggling and what’s really nice is that developers are now able to get funding again and it’s kick-started the land sales to bring back a bit of a boom”.

The company has launched at


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